Owl Rock Subscription Agreement

The Owl Rock Subscription Agreement: A Comprehensive Review

When considering investing in Owl Rock Capital Corporation, it is important to understand the terms of the subscription agreement. This document sets out the terms of investment and outlines the rights and responsibilities of both the investor and the company. In this article, we will review the subscription agreement in detail to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it entails.

Subscription Agreement Overview

The Owl Rock Subscription Agreement is a legally binding document that sets out the terms of investment for investors. It is a contract between the investor and the company and outlines the terms and conditions of the investment. The agreement includes information about the investment goals, management fees, expenses, and other details that investors need to know before investing in the company.

Investment Goals

The first section of the agreement outlines the investment goals of Owl Rock Capital Corporation. This includes a summary of the fund’s investment objectives, investment strategy, and other pertinent investment-related information. The goals and strategies outlined in this section are important because they set the expectations for investors and give them an indication of what to expect from their investment.

Management Fees and Costs

The management fees and costs section of the subscription agreement outlines the fees investors can expect to pay for management services. This includes annual management fees, expenses, and other costs associated with managing the fund. These fees are important to consider when assessing the potential return on investment offered by Owl Rock Capital Corporation.

Investor Obligations

The investor obligations section of the agreement outlines the responsibilities of investors. This includes submitting subscription agreements, providing certain information, and maintaining a minimum investment balance. Investors are also responsible for notifying the company of any changes in their personal information, such as address or contact details.

Redemption Rights

The redemption rights section of the agreement outlines the conditions under which a fund investor can redeem their investment. These rights may be subject to certain terms and conditions, including a minimum investment period. Investors should read this section carefully to understand how and when they can withdraw their investment from the fund.

Risk Factors

The risk factors section of the subscription agreement outlines the potential risks associated with investments in Owl Rock Capital Corporation. This section provides investors with information about the risks associated with the fund, such as market volatility, liquidity, and other investment-related risks. It is important that investors read this section carefully and fully understand the risks associated with their investment.


Investing in Owl Rock Capital Corporation can be a great opportunity for investors seeking returns on their investments. However, it is important to fully understand the subscription agreement and the terms outlined within before making an investment. By understanding the investment goals, management fees, and other terms outlined in the agreement, investors can make informed decisions to maximize their investment returns.